Bespoke Timber
& Stone Products

Customise your project with bespoke timber and stone finishes

The entire range of TIRAR door furniture and bathroom accessories in solid timber and natural stone may be further enhanced by customised finishes, including stains and washes. We’d be happy to discuss options and work with you to deliver the finish you’ve envisaged to give your project a unique signature. TIRAR has partnered with avant-garde Australian decorative paint finishes company Axolotl to create a series of finishes that can be applied to add a unique, personalised veneer.

Ingrain Finish

A remarkable and hardwearing finish, a combination of the beautiful natural wood we use fused with a liquid metal coating. We sandblast American White Oak prior to the application of the finish, accentuating the beautiful grain and allowing it to be read through the coating, creating the appearance of timber cast in solid metal. Suitable for internal and external applications across hospitality, commercial and residential projects.

Ingrain Finish

Stone Link Finish

Is it possible to further accentuate the allure of the stone we use? The application of a Stone Link finish blends the natural stone with inlaid stainless steel, brass or resin to deliver an individualised finish with its own unique beauty. An existing portfolio of designs can be selected or provide your own.

Stone Link Finish - Stone Handles

Timberlink Finish

A fusion of Axolotl metals can be applied as a custom design to the surface, or inlaid, into timber veneers or solid timber. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination; almost any design can be incorporated into the timber.

Timber Link FInish - Decorative Door Furniture

Bespoke 3D Printed Patterns

Intricate and multilayered embossed designs can be created using a 3D printer. The portfolio is extensive, however you are welcome to supply a design of your own.

Embossed Designs - Contemporary Cabinet Pull
Luxury Decorative Handle