Working with wood

A solid piece of timber exudes a warmth and sensory feel that’s luxurious to feel and hold. It’s a raw ingredient we love to work with. Our selection of natural timber is sourced from only sustainable plantation forests. Nothing compares to the beauty of the grain and the richness and depth of colour of solid wood.

On a practical note, the timber is carefully selected and sealed in marine grade sealer and finished in marine grade clear top coat satin finish. This protects the timber when specified for an outdoor application. The solid wood you select can also be finished in a natural oil or wax.

American White Oak

White Oak is strong, hard wearing and used widely in cabinet and furniture making. One of the reasons we choose to work with this timber is due to its sustainability; it grows naturally in hardwood forests across North America. The grain is straight and it exhibits a wonderful range of tones and colours, with striking medullary rays and a medium to coarse texture that we work to a beautiful finish. See the full range >

American White Oak - Timber Handles

American Walnut

Exhibits a rich, dark cast and lustrous colour, featuring light brown to dark chocolate brown heartwood, occasionally with darker streaks. A generally straight grain, easily identified, delivers an exceptional, beautiful natural lustre. One of the best species for high end design and top of the range luxury furniture and joinery. See the full range >

American Walnut - Walnut Towel Rails

Australian Spotted Gum

A premium native hardwood with a high degree of natural durability and strength. Admired by architects and designers for it’s vibrant colour palette, the heartwood ranges from light brown through to dark red-brown hues. See the full range >

Australian Spotted Gum - Designer Door Levers
Australian Spotted Gum Lever - Australian Made Handles