ECP Asset Management Workplace

ECP Asset Management project

Location: Sydney, Australia
Client: ECP Asset Management
Completed: 2022
Interior Design: Hammond Studio
Photography: Robert Walsh
Written by: Gillian Watson

ECP Asset Management

TIRAR’s recent collaboration with Hammond Studio for the ECP Asset Management project, involved them selecting TIRAR to work with the colour scheme of the office interior. 

“It was wonderful to be part of a project where TIRAR was brought on board by the design studio to manufacture our door-furniture in a bespoke Rock Maple finish to add warmth and texture to the sophisticated and lucid lines created by the cabinetry.

“Rock Maple is an extremely beautiful timber, and as with all of TIRAR’s door-furniture like the Type-One door pull, Universal Lever, or Cassetto cabinet handles used in the project, the sculptured design is created by meticulously cutting across the grain of the timber to bring out its natural beauty, and an appreciation of nature’s own artistry by highlighting its original creation.”

Felice Carlino – TIRAR


TIRAR Casetto door handles
Our TIRAR Casetto door handles are installed in Rock Maple in the open plan kitchen. Photography by Robert Walsh


The golden hue of their bespoke Rock Maple cabinet pulls work well in combination with the interior’s grey, navy and white theme.

The luscious and refreshing greens of nature are also showcased in the project be it through a plant in a fine vase, or delicately cascading Ivy from a marble feature which brings to mind the grand foyer of an Italian stately villa.

As TIRAR’s door-furniture are all designed for the hand, it makes them as much an interactive experience with luxury, as they are elements of natural beauty.

In the Hammond/ECP project, TIRAR’s chic and versatile door-furniture works brilliantly with the smoothness of the stone walls, where curves have been included to add softness to the strong lines and richly coloured frames of the glass office doors, and is where TIRAR’s Universal door-levers bring an additional touch of visual and sensory warmth.


TIRAR Type 1 Rock Maple levers.
TIRAR products can be produced in custom timers and finishes.