Fanuli showroom

Location: Sydney, Australia
Client: Fanuli furniture
Completed: 2022
Interior Design: Bradhly Le
Photography: Nicole England
Written by: Gillian Watson


Designer furniture showroom

In the recent interior designed by Bradhly Le: the Fanuli showroom extension, for a client with a history of artistry in furniture, that was first honed in Italy, before being brought to Australia in1956.

Beginning first as a father’s dream, then developing over a three generational span, including its launch in 1976, to becoming the exquisite and renowned Fanuli brand of today.

The black steel cubic entrance to the extension with its finely spaced delicate beams of light, creates an atmosphere which perfectly frames the rich colours visible in the interior it leads to. The detailed placing of light softens the blackened steel, a sensation endorsed by the sleek lines which form its shape.

The accompanying contrast of the showroom works wonderfully with its sublime combination of vibrant and natural hues which compliment the fine lines constructed through the rich and warm feature of the timber, and adds a delightful theme to Bradhly Le’s refined craftsmanship of space in this brilliant office and showroom combination.

On entering the showroom proper, the scene is enough to take one’s breath away.  The room’s array of colours and materials consisting of, concrete, timber, glass, ceramic, the fabric of elegant furniture and a delicate fall of light, imparts a feeling of comfort, functionality and productivity.

OMNI’s Breeze Block Wall provides a veil like privacy to the glass fronted office, and doubles as an innovative and magnificent backdrop to what is on display.

“In a complex world sometimes a simple act, an engagement through touch and the reassurance of contact with a solid natural material, carefully crafted and finished, is one of life’s small but significant pleasures”.
Felice Carlino


Our TIRAR 1200 door pulls are installed in American Walnut
on the boardroom doors. Photography by Nicole England


TIRAR’s perfectly sculpted walnut door-furniture meets the hand with a warm elegant touch, and is a perfect addition to the timber-framed glass door it seamlessly fits to the boardroom.

TIRAR’s Korkki walnut cabinet-pull, with a finish highlighting the beauty of its timber and its unique shape, sits like a glorious pearl in the sea of warmth represented by the room’s rich timber panelling.

These elements which stand in their own individual glory, draw you in, leaving you longing to be part of the chic opulence present before you.

You are left wanting to experience every part of it, from taking your first seat, touch of TIRAR door-furniture, or having your eyes led in a pleasant dance around the accentuating lights of the room.

“Attention to detail is something our design studio takes very seriously. Each design element draws on elegance, a sense of refinement and a hand-crafted quality reflected in the innovative yet restrained level of finishing and details.” Bradhly Le.

This becomes evident when viewing the gallery-like space of the Fanuli showroom. The attention to detail, use of specialist suppliers with artistry sewn into their creations and the use of sustainable materials, gives a hand-crafted feel to each element that can only be fully appreciated through interaction. There is an immediate understanding that everything before you is there for its purpose as much as its beauty.

And a luxury that does not distance the viewer, instead, encourages proaction and participation with its highly tactile materials and ergonomic designs. While inspiring an awe of everything from the polished concrete floor, to the lighting adorning its ceiling, or the last lingering luxurious touch of TIRAR door-furniture.




This project features the TIRAR Korkki door pulls, installed in American Oak