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The Local Project Feature, written by Rose Onas

‘Form Follows Function – Solid Timber Door Furniture by TIRAR’


The threshold has long been recognised as a place of significance in architecture and interior design. For TIRAR, founder and designer Felice Carlino, the act of entering a space begins with the tactile experience of opening the door – the hand grasping the handle receives all manner of sensory information that forms the initial tangible opinion of the space to be entered.

An interior designer by profession, it was the understanding of the importance of this first impression, combined with his keen love of detail, that prompted Felice to found TIRAR, an elegant range of Australian-made solid timber door furniture.

Developing TIRAR while also running his interior design practice, Sumu Design, meant it was a slower iterative process. The care and time that has gone in to the designs is clear – each is exquisitely crafted, beautifully balanced and understated yet luxurious. The response at a recent trade fair in Europe highlights the rare and coveted nature of the products.

Italian and Japanese designers in particular (both countries renowned for their design, quality and attention to detail) were extremely enthusiastic with the simplicity, quality and style of the TIRAR range. This response, and the level of interest from stockists in Europe, the US and Asia, highlights Felice’s pride in Australian design and manufacturing – ‘TIRAR is Australian, designed and made for the world’, he says.


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