Axolotl Surface Collaboration

TIRAR has collaborated with innovative architectural surface company Axolotl to create bespoke finishes for several of the handle designs and so it felt appropriate to draw on some of their surfaces as backgrounds in the images.

“I looked through Axolotl’s vast range and settled on a series of dark moody surfaces with texture and sheen – slate, bronze, brass and pitted pewter– which we could use to create areas of interest within the frame. For example, placing the handles in a low, leather-lined box gave them a jewel-like significance,” says Harrison.

Photographer Daniel Shipp embraced the challenge to design a way to visually convey the TIRAR brand values of tactility and luxury and undertook several tests to get the light levels correct and ensure that the sensuous sheen of the timber was evident. “After experimenting with different lighting approaches, we settled on a look that carved the form of the product out from a moody environment with sculpted light that exaggerated the sumptuousness of the product and the quality of its materials”, says Shipp. For more information, please contact us.