Tui Cupboard Sliding Door – American White Oak



Tui. In Vietnamese, it means ‘pocket’.

It’s an apt metaphor for this delightful piece of furniture created specifically for cavity doors. Beautiful in its simplicity, the smooth soft lines invite the hand to engage.

At the heart of the design is a philosophy that goes beyond the aesthetic; it’s a fundamental belief in form that’s fit for purpose, a philosophy that guides the approach of every TIRAR solution, delivering an anatomical response; every aspect was considered, allowing Tui to fit the natural form and function of the human hand.

Compact, angled and designed to snugly and comfortably accommodate the fingers, it performs its function with a minimum of fuss and intrusion.

Beauty, with purpose.

Like a pocket, Tui is fully integrated into the complete design, becoming central to the story you intend to create. Yet, remains versatile enough to allow for and encourage collaboration, with an ‘open door’ approach to designers and architects; accessible, approachable and inviting interaction.

Tui can be painted to a specified colour, stained or laminated and customised in a range of bespoke timbers and finishes.

When expressed in sustainable American Walnut and American White Oak, the rich grain of the timber is accentuated by the sensuous, organic lines.

Overlooked no more.

Tui offers a fully resolved edge detail treatment; beautifully sculpted, the edge is integral to the overall design, not an afterthought.
Now, not only the face but the edge of a cavity door, an aspect traditionally neglected, are given the attention both deserve.

Even when out of sight it will never be out of mind.

• Custom finish available on request
• Custom thickness available on request




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