solid timber
door furniture

TIRAR is an award-winning range of beautifully crafted, contemporary solid timber door furniture that is defined by its tactility and sensory form.

It feels luxurious, smooth and solid in the hand, evoking a reassuring honesty in a way that only natural materials can. The range is unique in its consideration of function, form and simple tactile pleasure. It is also crafted to be robust and aims for longevity in its design and the quality of its manufacture.

TIRAR has collaborated with innovative architectural surface company Axolotl to create bespoke finishes for several of the handles, with a designer collaboration range to come.


In a complex world sometimes a simple act, an engagement through touch and the reassurance of contact with a solid natural material, carefully crafted and finished, is one of life’s small but significant pleasures.Founder – TirarFelice Carlino

As an interior designer of long standing, with a reputation for design resolution, Felice Carlino was searching for a full-timber door pull for an accommodation pod he was designing. “Everything I found was a combination of timber and metal, which didn’t fulfil the brief visually and neither did they feel comfortable in the hand”, he says. As a result he decided to design his own.

His research led to the design of a handle that intuitively responds to the mechanical workings of the fingers and hands. “Fingers are made up of three joints that wrap themselves around the grip,” Carlino explains, “So we crafted a taper and radius edges so the door pull and lever would sit, easily and comfortably, in the grip of the hand – whatever the hand size.”

Prototyping and development led to a product that he was finally happy to put into small local production in Australia, and then expand. The range now includes pull handles, lever handles, universal design lever handles and towel rails as well as custom finishes that take the product to a bespoke level.


Projects where quality and longevity are paramount have already adopted the product and it is  installed in a number of high-end residential projects such as the Vice Chancellor’s Office at University Technology, Sydney, as well as a Dexus commercial building, Sydney and the Qantas Chairman’s’ Lounge in Brisbane.


Best of Year Awards, Hardware Finalist


International Design Awards – Silver


European Product Design Award – Silver (EPDA)


London Design Awards – Silver